Greet the Heat with Northern Lights

Northern Lights Patio Heaters allow you to enjoy the great outdoors well into the evening hours and during cooler seasons. Our patented technology creates a consistent, even temperature across the patio area through its infrared energy waves. This means there is more warmth with 40% less fuel—something you don’t get with other patio heaters.

PH40HO – 5′
Rating (Input: natural and L.P. Gas) 0-4,500 ft. elevation

Input (btu / hr.) Min Max Length
PH-40 (high output) 20,000 40,000 5’

PH75HO – 10′
Rating (Input: natural and L.P. Gas) 0-4,500 ft. elevation

Input (btu / hr.) Min Max Length
PH-75 (high output) 37,000 75,000 10’

What makes Northern Lights patio heaters superior?

Easy to Operate

Units safely and consistently operate in all types of weather with the flick of a switch through our reliable electronic shut-off system.

Variable Heat Settings

Patent pending, our variable input design provides the right level of heat output for each location.

Low Clearance to Combustibles

Can be safely installed in locations with awnings.

Sleek Architectural Design

Easy to install in narrow, low overhead clearance locations, such as street-side patios.

No Open Flames

The flame is protected from wind and is located inside the Low Intensity Infrared Emitter Tube.

Overhead Design

No floor space is lost as units hang from existing trellis or other overhead structures. Units can also mount to walls at an angle.

Various Lengths and Configurations

5 ft. and 10 ft. lengths are available. Multiple units can be grouped together to achieve any length required.

Certified For All Types of Weather

Units are design certified to operate in all outdoor environments, including wind, rain, snow, and temperatures as low as –40F.

Local or Remote Control

Heaters can be operated remotely or with controls located on the units.

Low Maintenance

Our patio heater units come with no ceramic parts or thermocouples, therefore replacement for broken parts not necessary.

Heavy Duty Construction

High quality materials & workmanship eliminates metal fatigue and reflector warp or separation. Stainless steel options available for durability.